Kama Raja's Customer Testimonials

Hi, this is Kashif. I am just recording this, just to let you that I've started using Kama Raja November last year 2009. And, at first I was skeptical basically, and I thought maybe it wasn't going to work, because it was basically late for me to work.

Anyway, so I decided first to cancel the order and then the order was cancelled and it was very swift to refund. But then, after one of the representative Helen, she called me, she explained to me about the product and the product benefits. I ordered it again and I was very, very happy that I have made a positive choice.

And after using for two months, I felt fantastic changes in my sex life and then my erections was very, very, hard and very, very formed, and was very, very quick to maintain, and also the sex was awesome. And I am so, so happy that today I placed a second order for the six months.

And I also got a discount of 5% from Kama Raja, which is also very good, thank you very much for that. So, all I wanted to say that any time I send an email to the customer services, they have always been very, very positive and the response is quick. And they are always there whenever you need for their help. This product does work.

Forget about all the any negative feedback or anything that you have seen, this is a true recording. And I've finally believed in this product and the quality. And I am very happy that after long research, I've found something.

Now, I've no problems with my sexual life, I only wanted to improve it, and I must say that this product does wonder. Try it, take it for two, three months. And also, there is 110% Money Back Guarantee, so you are not going to lose anything at the end. So, it's fantastic, please go ahead and order, this is awesome. Thank you very much.

Kashif (age 34) - Hollyhill, Ireland

OK my name is Roy and I can tell you I've been taking that Urogenital Tune-Up for about a month. And I've had tremendous results particularly I think from the Ayurstate but from the other products as well. But to talk about the Ayurstate, I've had significant differences in the way I feel when I'm urinating. Number 1 I feel much better flow. It doesn't ... I don't feel it like I used to - it just goes. It's strong and it's powerful! I don't get up early in the morning ... 4:30, 5 o'clock in the morning I'd usually get up and go to the bathroom. I don't have to do that anymore which is really quite nice!

And so I get better sleep as a result of it. I think that may also be due to the Ayurtox that I take in this whole tune-up is the fact that I am getting better sleep because a lot of the bad toxins in my body seem to be going away. And also my wife has noticed that I have a marked increase in wanting to have sex. I'm 44 years old so you know when you're 44 - it's part of the aging process - I am not 18 anymore but I feel 18. And that's really kinda cool! So I love the products and you're welcome to use me as a reference. Send me an email I'll forward any information you want to any of your perspective clients and tell them how great I think the products are.

Roy (age 44) - Singapore

Hello, good afternoon. My name is Din and I am quite pleased to leave a testimonial for a product which is Kama Raja. I have been using this product for the last four months.

And, as of the effects on my personal well-being are concerned, it's enormous. I am quite satisfied with the product so far. Some of the significant effects that I observed was first, increase energy level, stronger sex drive. In fact, it could just reverse those effects which I was experiencing due to the stress and anxiety, anxiety on my sex life.

Kama Raja really helped me and positioned me where I was when I got married five years ago. It also restored my confidence and basically our married life got another lease of life to put it bluntly.

As per recommending to my other family members and friends, I've already done that. I strongly recommended to some of my friends, which were suffering from working in the city in finance sector.

So, I have already recommended that and in fact, I just placed an order for one of my friends whose birthday is just approaching in about 15 /16 days time, and I'll be giving Kama Raja as a good birthday present. So, well done Kama Raja and thank you very much for everything - India Herbs. Thank you, bye.

Din (age 31) - London, United Kingdom

I am from United Kingdom. I've ordered Kama Raja capsules like a year ago and just to improve my overall health. I had a few problems like weak erection and immediate ejaculation. So, I went in for the option. After taking the supplements for a couple of months, I have really improved my confidence and I am really good at it now.

Now I am ordering another 4 months supply. I went in for the doctor's consultation. What the doctor said is like you need to detox your body before going for any other medication. So I thought of like four months of body detox and then, Kama Raja capsules as well.

This medicine is really working for me and it really improves my health.

Balaji Vasudevan - United Kingdom

My name is Thomas. I just want you to know that i have been taking this supplement now for about one year. It has exceeded my expectations and it has really been outstanding, elevating sexual drive and it has improved in every way. Including in sexual pleasure with my wife, of course. It is hardened, it has prolonged erections. It has improved my ejaculation control. It has increased my seminal output both during foreplay as well as ejaculation, intensifying my orgasm. So anyway, yes everything it says it is and more. I highly recommend it. Like I have said, I have been taking now for about a year, it seems like each increasing dose comes better sex. Trust you'll try it.

Thomas - USA

My name is David and I purchased Kama Raja about 5 months ago. I've been taking it for that time - that amount of time. And I seem to be seeing some results from taking it. When I had first started taking it, I had injured myself riding a bicycle too much. I was having some nerve problems in my groin. Having trouble getting an erection. Since I started taking the herbs, this problem seems to have went away. And I think the herbs probably had a lot to do with that. And I would recommend it to other people. To at least give it a try. I'm going to plan on ordering it again in the near future. Thank you. Bye.

David (age 54) - Iowa, USA

Hi, this is Will, I am a 58 year old man. Sometime ago, symptoms of pain in my lower extremities led me to an examination which indicated at least Benign Prostate Hyperplasia and also elevated PSA levels.

As an alternative to the medications, conventional medication which were prescribed and researched and found India Herbs, and began a program of the Men's Urogenital health with the center piece of Ayurstate. Then four months on this, the symptoms effectively have disappeared, and I am re-ordering now and would highly recommend this products to any man, who has concern over his overall prostate and urogenital health. Thanks for listening, Goodbye.

William (age 58) - Milano, Italy

Hi, my name is Robert. I just would like to say I have been using Kamaraja for about a year now. I am very happy I found this product. I was experiencing Erectile Dysfunction for quite some time now. I was struggling with the embarrassment and the difficult moments that it has caused me and my spouse, of course, you know. So since I started using Kamaraja... it took a couple of months to kick in. Once it has kicked in, I found that the erections were like just beautiful, very strong. My orgasms are better than they were. Unbelievably, they were better. And I would like to thank India Herbs for this wonderful product. Thank you.

Robert M. - Canada

Hi, my name is Cartiqueyane. I took your Kama Raja pills for six months and I saw an improvement in my semen count. Earlier, it was 12 million now it is 30 million. I did not see much improvement in my erectile dysfunction but I saw improvement in my semen count, sperm count.

Thank you, bye.

Cartiqueyane B - USA

Yes, my name is Garry. I like to leave my testimonial for Ayurstate and for Kama Raja.

The first is for Ayurstate, I only used Ayurstate for one month, and due to financial difficulties, I had to discontinue it. And what I noticed was not neccessarily what it did, but what happened after I discontinued it, is some of my symptoms came back.

And basically like having to stand when you get up in the morning at the urinal for a couple of seconds before a flow can begin. So, that was a thing that I noticed was again what happened when I stopped taking the product.

The second one is for Kama Raja, that too is a multi-symptom occurrances that came back when I stop taking the product and the main things that I noticed were lack of libido and shrinking tissues or the size of the penis.

So I am really happy that I am able to...at this time re-order the material. And this time I ordered two boxes at a time and will give my very best to make sure I'll take it for four consecutive months. I'd like to see a real marking and difference. I hope this is sufficient. So I really look forward to taking these for at least 3 months or 4 months. Thank you and have a nice day!

Garry (age 63) - Florida, USA

Hi, this is Eric. I just ordered my next lot of Ayurtox and Kama Raja - 4 boxes each. And I'm very pleased with both of them, thank you very much!

I noticed the difference especially with the Kama Raja right away. I am also doing the exercises with the Kama Yogi book that I bought last time. The Ayurtox is an ongoing thing but I noticed that it flushes me out quite efficiently - obviously I've been going.

I haven't ordered recently. I have been out for about a month but I want to get back to it again because I miss the both of these supplements and I really enjoy using them. And I'm glad you've made them into a ... and I'm also a big fan of Ayurveda on its own as well anyways.

But I'm glad you guys are out there doing this stuff and I discovered you on the web which is a wonderful resource for us all I think. I really like being able to continue my custom with you by way of the web as it is. So I hope you stay in business for a long time and I'll be reordering as time requires. Thank you so much. Bye bye.

Eric (age 58) - Georgia, USA

I am Doctor J, I have to admit that my original problem, if there is one, is simply hey... I wanna maximize my potential sexually.

And, I have been taking the supplements about six months. During that time of course Kama Raja, and it's really been outstanding. It has certainly elevated my sexual drive and I thought I was okay anyway, but hey it has improved all the way around including my sexual pleasure with my wife, and it has certainly hardened and prolonged my erections, and it has improved my ejaculation control, and it has increased my seminal output, both during foreplay as well as the ejaculation, and it has certainly intensified my orgasms.

Now ummm .. I don't how it does it, but let me just tell you this, that I can feel it. I mean, there is no doubt in my mind, it has increased my libido, and it has enhanced energy to warm the loins. I can feel it. I mean, when I am between my wife's legs, you can feel that warmth of the loins and calms my mind, so that I can advert premature ejaculations. So, it's a great product, and I highly recommend it.

Thomas (age 56) - Ohio, USA

Hi, my name is Roger from Sydney Australia. I've started using the product Kama Raja, stumbled across it on the internet, cause I am looking for some type of herbal supplements to help improve my stamina.

I was actually having some problems maintaining an erection while love making with my partner, and was very embarrassing and very frustrating because I still have desire, but simply couldn't perform. So needless to say, this caused me a lot of anxiety and my partner as well.

So I eventually found Kama Raja and decided to give it a try. And I used Kama Raja for few months, and what i did know there was no sort of thunder and lightning type of effects, it was very subtle, but it has definitely very noticeable effect, and i have no any problems with erection or anything like that since I started taking Kama Raja, so for me, it's proved positive that the product actually works. Thank you.

Roger (age 52) - Sydney, Australia

Hello, my name is Rollington. I am 60 years old. For quite some time, I was suffering from a weak erection. I tried just one or two enhanced products but they gave me headache. One night while I was searching the Internet for some assistance with my sex life, I came across Kama Raja. So I decided to give it a try. I ordered 6 boxes. After intake of the first 1 month, I noticed my erection bega0n to get firm. By the time I took 4 months, I was like when I was in my 40's. After completion of the 6 boxes, I decided to order another 6 boxes. To any young man or gal, wanting an improvement you can order Kama Raja. Thank you.

Rollington (age 60) - Bahamas

Yes, I want to report that Kama Raja is a very effective natural herbs. That's were, at least, it's really helped me and my sexual activity performance.

It also helps my whole body. It helps me to relax, one of the best things that I ever had, because I am always tensed and a lot of activity. My mind is completely occupied so much with so many details. And it relaxed my mind. It relaxed my body. It just makes me feel as if I had my youth back again.

I will suggest this product to be used by any man that is experiencing some slow down in sexual performance, because it really does make you feel young again. It's a complete herbal attitude to your body. It does not just help you sexually, but it helps your whole body. It helps to meet the need to relax on the daily basis. And I feel like I am all confident to always to be ready when there is a need for sexual activity. And, thank you so much for this product.

Harold (age 58) - Texas, USA

Hi, Good Day. This is Sylvester. Living in the United States. I bought the Ayurstate, the Kama Raja and the Sukraja and all three products are very very good. Before I started using it I have problems with my prostate. The products are excellent. I will recommend anyone for these products. This is not a joke testimony and I'm telling you exactly how it works for me. Very good. Actually I just reordered. I just made an order and reordered more stuff. The same set I ordered I reordered it plus two other sets, the detox and the Cardiofy for the heart and Yogic Slim. Since these products are so good I ordered more other stuffs to check it out and as always give a testimonial on the other stuffs when I try it. But so far, it's very very good. I'll recommend anyone to get it. So thanks a lot and I'll keep you all informed or you could give me a call putting in to this testimonial. Thank you and Bye.

Sylvester (age 52) - New York, USA

Ya I'm Dharmendra speaking from Doha, Qatar. Regarding I was having a problem of sperm count and the mortality. And I was depressed and I was doing medicine for 3 years. None of the medicine helped me. Then suddenly i went in the computer and I check on the site for mortality improvement and the sperm count increment. And I found the Sukraja and the Kama Raja. Then I ordered the medicine from Singapore and it helped me. After taking it for 1 month, my sperm count increased to 26 millions, before it was only 4 millions. And while taking this Sukraja and Kama raja, I have no side effects. And it is very good supplement and I have a 6-month course and I believe it will improve my mortality also. And it is very good medicine I have found. It is totally herbal so there is no side effect from Sukraja or Kama Raja. Very good supplement. Thank you very much and I am very happy with these two medicines. Thank you.

Dharmendra - Doha, Qatar

My name is James. I've been taking Kama Raja for about 2 years. I find Kama Raja to be a very good supplement because it gives me an overall feeling of well being. I notice that I have no joint pains or body aches while taking Kama Raja. Kama Raja has given me the ability to last longer in my sexual encounters - sometimes as much as 1 hour! I ran out of Kama Raja in August. And I could feel the difference in my performance. I am ordering a 6 month supply of Kama Raja as I do not want to run out of it again. Kama Raja works well for me. And I would recommend this supplement to anyone who are having not only sexual problems but for a feeling of overall well-being generally. Thank you! Bye.

James (age 62) - Florida, USA

Phillip, I've used the India Herbs product for four months, and have seen extreme results. Before, I was having problems with both maintaining and performing.

And, in the first month, seen results in both areas. By the second month, I started to see probably 20 to 25 percent more improvement. By the third month, was having very little problem. And, by the fourth month, things are definitely a lot better.

I have placed another six months supply. And will continue to probably use this product for the rest of my life. I'm very thankful for the India Herbs product, for the product that (they performed), they produced. Thank you.

Philip (age 42) - Alabama, USA

Kama Raja and Sukraja customer since 2007:

Yeah my name is Robert. Just started using Sukraja. Been feeling really fatigued and tired when I wake up. And I take it in the morning and I take it mid-day. Sometimes I'll take one before bed. And the energizing effect is amazing! Boosts sexual function and libido and sperm count. It's the best supplement out there. Nothing in America can touch it! That's why I keep ordering from India Herbs. Good luck with your progress and I know I'll be a lifelong customer. Thank you.

Robert (age 33) - California, USA

Hiya, my name is Greg. I have been using Kama Raja for about two months now. I have seen some improvement with my sexual potency. I am incredible believe ah... with continued used I will get the result that I am seeking half and then there is ah..one of the percent potency.

I am pleased with the product up to this point, and I planned to used until I get the result that I am seeking, which I am confident will count soon. if there is any question, can give me a call. Thanks

Gregory (age 50) - Texas, USA

Hi, this is George. I have been taking Kama Raja for about two months now. I have been experiencing low sex drive and weak erections.

After taking it for a little over month and a half, my sexual drive has increased, my erections have firmed up a little bit, my orgasms have intensified. The products are good, I enjoy taking them, and I look forward to getting more products in the future. Thank you.

George (age 50) - Florida, USA

Chester, I have been using Kama Raja for 11 months. For the first three, four, five months, I have seen a great improvement.

Since then, I have seen gradually improvement in five months itself more. Prior to that time, I had practically no erection. Now, I have regular erection, and my penis also had increased in size.

And I think it helps my neck stiffness also. So, I am pleased with it, my age is sixty plus, so I am pleased with it, it has no side effects. Thank you very much. Bye bye.

Chester (age 72) - Maryland, USA

My name is Bob, and I have successfully used Immunice, Ayurstate and Kama Raja, and have found each product to be, as they said it was, to my satisfaction.

My cholesterol has been lowered significantly. My overall health has been tremendous, sexual health has improved dramatically, and this has been from taking the products for going on five months now.

And I look forward to using those products continually in the future. Thank you.

Robert (age 58) - Michigan, USA

Hi my name is John. I am a taker of your product called Kama Raja. And it has been a wonderful product for me! I am an older man. And it has boosted my virility and so it makes me feel like a little bit younger. So I have been very pleased with your product and I will continue taking it for a long time! I thank you for your product and I am very pleased with it. Thank you so much! Bye bye.

John (age 61) - California, USA

Interview with Gobalan - Malaysia:

Yeah, this Winchester from Japan, that is where I am living. I think every human being or a man, because of the man, I would say man needs some natural herbs that would keep the body strong and keep seeing or moving very well. I am talking about the Sherpa Strength, if I am talking about the Sherpa Strength then; it means you need some natural herbs that make you moved, although you're growing, although your age is increasing.

And I came across this company called India Herbs, I really, really appreciate this company. I really loved it and they really have all these good natural herbs in their stuffs, they have all these plantations that really make me choose them. So I try to order two boxes of Kama Raja for male virility, that was really perfect choice, it's really, really tremendous. If I would say, it was good, there are no side effects. You know it's really keep me eat, I can see some improvement in my ejaculation control, it increases...my stamina to improve, it increases my sexual pleasure. It makes me, you know love to have sex.

As a man, you need to know! So I really love this medicine, and thank you very much, having these perfect natural herbs. And I think any man can try it, there is no bad, for sure, it's really, really tremendous and perfect medicine. Thank you.

Winchester (age 31) - Konganei, Japan

Hello, my name is Ricardo. I would like to recommend all my friends for kama Raja. I have been taking this product for..a month, and then this helping me... alot. I feel better erection and the ejaculation not too soon.

So I am ordering a new..a new order for..you know..complete my treatment, and keep going get better. so..I have been suffering from erection, discomfort. But now I doing better, so I strongly recommend it for those man to take this medicine and get better. Thank you.

Ricardo (age 52) - California, USA

My name is Jim and I've been using this [Kama Raja] for a little over a month. And all I was looking for was just an increased desire and function - I guess. More of an enhancement. And it certainly has done that. I would recommend it to anybody. It's a good product. I've never had anything like it. Thank you.

Jim (age 36) - Texas, USA

Yes, this is Virgil from Kansas and I am 66 years old male. I have been taking the Kama Raja for approximately four months. It has increased my erections tremendously.

And at the very end, everything is much, much better and very much longer lasting. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you.

Virgil (age 66) - Kansas, USA

Hi, good evening, my name is Bradley. I have been using Kama Raja for a month. And I have been very anxious and apprehensive about having sex.

And since taking the product, I have noticed a great improvement. I will recommended to anyone. Thank you, have a good day.

Bradley (age 43) - Connecticut, USA

My name is Daniel. I've been taking Kama Raja for 2 months. Before I took it, I was feeling OK. I'm a diabetic so I feel a little loss of energy. After I started taking it, I felt a lot more energy and more virile. I'm still continuing to take it and Kama Raja has been very good to me!

Daniel (age 41) - California, USA

Translated from Spanish:

My name is Fernando Vazquez. I am a citizen of the Colombian city of Medellin. I am 57 years eh .. I am retired .. eh ... I began to learn the benefits of having the pills Kama Raja through the website of the company India Herbs.

Eh .. I was frigid and no intentions toward sex, I began to take Kama Raja and I have noticed from the beginning I felt my legs very hot in comparison with my cold legs I had ... did not have any sensation like that before I had the legs very cold, and I began to warm in between the legs and started to feel some very very slight symptoms in the genitals.

And then as I was going through the everyday ingestion of Kama Raja, I was feeling that I was beginning to have a very slight erections. I almost finished the sixth box of Kama Raja and I feel now in a period of four days, every four days feel more powerful erections and I'm taking a strong stimulation my body is reacting to the product. I am very grateful, very happy with the Kama Raja and from there I decide that I am going to repeat it another 6 months.

I will do my order of Kama Raja for another time equal to the initial for 6 months, I would combine it with the product Ayurstate to improve my erections. I think this will give me more frequent erections and I won't have to wait every 4 days. I will repeat Kama Raja in order to have more frequent sexual practice thanks to the advice that the team of India Herbs gave me. I can say I am about to improve or to achieve in terms of sensitivity to have erections faster. The other is that the food I eat is a healthy diet and I'm going to do as your advise to avoid to consuming Coca Cola and decrease my liquor consumption. And if I also could get a manual of Yoga exercises, I will do them. The Yoga positions will help to stimulate the genital part. Thank you.

Fernando (age 57) - Columbia

Translated from Spanish:

I feel very well honestly speaking. I think it's the medicine the Ayurstate and Kama Raja and I'm taking, as a matter of fact without any problems, I feel even better.  And this week I'm expecting to finish my treatment, and in one more week I will order for two more months of Kama Raja and Ayurstate.

Because I am en elder person and I am more than 60 years old of age and not really use any drugs at all for these kind of problems virility and prostate ... I am using the Ayurstate and Kama Raja, and Well ... I anyway for a long time I have got up once or twice to urinate every night then I thought must be something wrong. I'm part of the medical group, I know about medicine. I know what it is benign prostatic hypertrophy and know what it is to get up two or three times in the night, in any way I always kept myself healthy.

I tried always taking another medicine known as the Saw Palmetto that is natural, but as I found on the Internet of Ayurvedic medicines then I changed and decided to go for the Ayurstate and I think this is helping me even better, is helping me to urinate better. I do my own diagnosis [He is a QFB], I keep doing my own analysis of my prostate and is perfectly well and I continue to use the Ayurstate because even I have no problem anymore but i want to avoid future problems.

Its true I really feel different, but I had no evident problem but since I'm starting to take the Ayurstate as a prevention these months I've been taken it I feel even better. Well I do not know if I can tell you that I am sexually even better, I feel better because I can't take these drugs such as "Sildenafil Viagra". The truth is that I do not take that and I function very well for my age.

Honestly speaking. I take these medicines that I found from the Ayurvedic medicines, because for a long time ago I do transcendental meditation so it is important that meditation is the one that promotes or suggests natural medicines from India in Ayurveda. I am following this I feel good, I'm doing great by buying these two supplements not because I have problems but to prevent them. In my case is different, I'm taking these medicines because I do not want to have them in the future. What I mean is that by starting taking them about two months ago I'm feeling a much better than it was before. And amazing I am 67 years old, and I have knowledge about these topics as the theme. I am familiarized because I'm biochemist, I study these topics and I understand them very well. That's why I got into this matter. I mean, the two supplements Ayurstate and Kama Raja, I will continue with them. I'm spreading the word: since I take these supplements, my situation improved in every way.

Sixto (age 67) - Paraguay

Translated from Spanish Using Google Translate:

Consumer Ayurstate and Kama Raja:

Well, actually I can tell you if you ask me what to again is because there is something positive in this, as there is something positive.

I can not say one hundred percent, but anyway I think that from what I understand in this is a progressive thing and suddenly I'm still early so, then this is why I've encouraged me to make the following order, because I think that is still missing and, as yet, I repeat no one, no one, no one can see that there is a positive change, if there is a positive change but not total say.

I have indications that also take other pills for my age, and hypertensive those things, plus anti-cholesterol and all that stuff, but no, no, no I feel bad I feel better of course and so we are not?

I do not know, I am very discreet I am speaking very little so do not think he can help a lot in this, but as I said at the beginning, this uh, there is a positive aid around this and I am grateful and yet I feel that something is still missing, although I do not know, I'm not prepared to give a more detailed testimony of a sudden, more concise or more accurate, but if what I say is what I can do but tell them: yes, yes is helping me but as I say I am a little special circumstances then come after many other things that have been in my life, personal eh, a little, was the loss of loved ones and all those things, I'm a little away of personal activities ... of a man. But nevertheless I say is helping me to say ... to regain that confidence suddenly it throws you into oblivion, and my age do not even think back to these things. I am very happy as I say to that point, up to this limit, say not even all that is not something to take only 2 or 3 months and already feel ok, no?. that's why I've encouraged me to continue this, I think a lot of training and I thank you not?.

Jose (age 65) - Argentina

I would like to share my experience with this product. When my age reach 50yrs, my sex life started to tame down, even though I wants it, but it didn't work. I have tried some stimulant, it works well but I found it dangerous, worst of all I checked it out I dysfunction.

So for almost 2 years, at last I found Kama Raja at your website. After taken for about 2 months I got the feeling that my penis started to' wake up 'and the desire to have sex aroused. So about 4 mths later, my 'small brother' have wake up for about 5 mins and it's make me feel very happy. I would like to continue taken Kama Raja until I really satisfied my desire..

Further more Kama Raja, makes me feel healthy, before that I feel quite lazy and always feel tired, but after taken the supplement I feel like I am 30 yrs younger. Thanks KAMA RAJA, YOU MAKES ME HEALTHY AND FEEL YOUNG.


I'm sorry that I missed your call just following my first order (Kama Raja).

Quite frankly I was a bit stunned when I got your email. How unusual it is for an on-line purchase to receive such courteous and helpful outreach to a new customer. Your interest speaks volumes about the integrity of your company while it also makes me feel good that I choose such a firm to purchase this product. And the fact that you will follow up regarding the efficacy of the treatment is, well, quite amazing. If your products work as well as your customer service then you have a customer for life.

I look forward to speaking with you but I'm not the easiest person to connect with as my cell phone is often in the off position. If you have a direct number or extension I would be pleased to reach out to you so you may avoid the annoyance of playing phone tag.

Again, my gratitude for your kind interest in my well being.


Russ (age 59) - Massachusetts, USA

Good morning, my name is Jose from Colombia. I am giving my testimonial to everyone. I have been using Kamaraja and it is a very good supplement, relatively very good in the benefits that you will receive. The supplements are spectacular. I take Ayurstate for the maintenance of the prostate and also Ayurtox for detox. I testify because Ayurveda is the best you can find in the market and does not load the body with chemicals like common drugs do. I thank India Herbs for all their products, I fully trust it and I am happy with the effectivity of ithem. I hope that people will listen to my testimonial and Latinos who have prostate problems or impotence can benefit from it as well. I hope this testimonial will help many men and women. Thank you.

Jose - Colombia

Hello, my name is Raja and I am currently 51 years of age. About 2 years ago I began noticing that on occasion while making love with my partner, I would lose my erection and could no longer perform, even though I still had the desire to do so. This would occur before ejaculation, and often while my partner was also still full of desire. Well, the alarm bells went off, and I began searching for some kind of aphrodisiac or herbal Vajikarana to restore my once virile nature as well as my self confidence!

Fortunately, I chanced upon Kama Raja on the internet, and after reading about the product, I decided to give it a try.. I have been using Kama Raja for the last year or so and I can say with all sincerity, that it has definitely made a difference in my virility and vitality. As with any Ayurvedic remedy, it has to be taken regularly over a period of time to see the results. It is not an instant fix like Viagra or Cialis (although much, much safer!). But if you take it regularly, after a few weeks you will start to notice the changes, and it will make all the difference in your love life!

Sydney, Australia

It has been great talking to you on the phone a few times. I am actually quite happy with my Prostate Care supplement from India Herbs. But you must know that I was a firm skeptic and a disbeliever when it came to herbal or alternative medicine supplements. I just did not believe they can do the job. But apparently I was mistaken.

At India Herbs you have managed over the years with your accumulated experience and also drawing from immense tradition and history of Indian natural remedy and holistic medicine to create unique and very effectively potent products. I congratulate you for this.

I think that while the "classic medicine" has powerful effects, the side-effects and the drawbacks are quite heavy to consider. All along India Herbs products are balanced, natural and holistic. For example I used to take for a few months heavy and hard on my stomach antibiotics for my prostate condition - not much significant results other than stomach aches and over all discomfort.

Surfing the net for an alternative solution I stumbled upon your web site and decided to try this for once in my life - I order 4 boxes of AyurState Prostate Care and could not have been happier since. Your product actually worked and there were positive results within the first two weeks - the pain disappeared together with many symptoms associated with prostate infection. Thank you India Herbs. Keep up the great research work and your commitments to quality.

Marcelus (age 34) Cluj Napoca, Romania

Thank you for your email and your follow-up on my progress with the Kama Raja. I am now in my third week. One thing you must know is that I have Parkinson's, therefore erectile dysfunction can be a serious problem.
The Kama Raja has helped to reduce my Parkinson's symptoms considerably. This is probably due to the Mucuna Pruriens, which increases the level of dopamine in the brain. My hands are steadier and I also notice that I am more relaxed, have less anxiety, and am more relaxed. These improvements I felt almost immediately upon taking the herbs.
So far, the effect on the erectile dysfunction seems to be helping a little bit, but I think it is still too early to tell. My libido has increased, but the performance still hasn't increased. To date, I am very satisfied with the product, and will continue taking it twice a day and hope for continued improvement.

Daniel L.

I was asked by phone to give a testimonial and am happy to:
"After seeing so many commercials and receiving email after email for "the little blue pill" and the like, and reaching the age of 35, I looked into mens' health more and for an all natural supplement to keep me at my peak as I get older. Thankfully, I foundIndia Herbs. I've been taking Kama Raja for over a year now and have nothing but great things to say. As far as sex-drive goes, I feel like I'm eighteen again! I've had no side effects whatsoever and highly recommend the product for any man looking for enhanced sexual pleasure. Their website has all the information you could ask for and India Herbs delivered on their guarantee." Hope it helps and thanks for the great product.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my testimony with regard to the effectiveness of your products (KAMARAJA) after using it for the first time and only for one month. I have been worried with erectile dysfunction and pre-mature ejaculation before being introduced to the product. Now after using KAMARAJA for less than a month, I have realized wonderful as well as positive result both in erection and even the flow of my sperm.

With this, I am strongly recommending the use of the products from India Herbs to whoever with similar problem or anuran urino-genital or otherwise sex-related problem. I thank GOD and I am very grateful to Indian herbs. Thank you

Alhaji (age 38) - Selangor, Malaysia

I have used Kama Raja for two months and found the stated expectation in the information about Kama Raja to be fairly accurate. In these two months, I have found an increased sensitivity in the sexually sensitive areas. I have found a renewed interest in sex with increased desire. In addition, I find my penis has thickened.
The improvement to date has encouraged me sufficiently to reorder.


I ordered Kama Raja for improving the quality of my erections. I took it for about 2 months and found it to be quite useful. I could feel an increase in size of my penis as well the erections were more full bodied. Even after stopping the medicine for the last few months, the improvement is sustainable.


Kama Raja has improved my sexual function without side effects. I have more desire, stronger longer erections, and faster recovery now that I take it regularly. In my 50s, I've tried lots of supplements but Kama Raja is by far, my preferred one.


Phone Testimony from John (Age 71):
He said Kama Raja is working well. He had an erection problem and now his erection is clearly coming back.
He will keep on taking our supplements as long as he can. He does not like to talk a lot and simply gets to the point without offering details.

I appreciate the after-sales help, and I know it's early days yet, but I've noticed definite improvements in the sex department. My seminal output seems quite increased and my genital areas seem more sensitive. I just hope this continues and improves further. It's been about a week yet, so I'm currently quite happy.

Thought you might appreciate the feedback.


Thank you very much.

I have been taking your product (Kama Raja) for about 3 weeks, and it works very well. I regain what I had years ago.

My question would be if I have to take this all the time or I should be able to stop at certain point.

Please advise, based on others experience, how long I should take this continuously.



I bought my husband some Kama Raja a few months ago. It has worked out well for us.

If you can get a female sex supplement as good as Kama Raja for men...I will definitely be buying some when its is available.

Thank you for your answer so quickly.


I have used your product for the last 4 months and have noticed a definite improvement in my seminal output. Up to 4 times as much as previously. Noticed a definite improvement in my sense of wellbeing, skin texture and just the way I look in general.


Here I am for a preliminary report: "I find myself in the midst of the 6th. week of my taking faithfully, as prescribed, your product Kama Raja, I have a increase in libido as I may qualify your product now as a aphrodisiac."


I have been using the product for about 3 weeks and see subtle changes taking place now. I would like to know whether I need to take this with milk or other solution for stronger potency. Please advise.



I have to tell you after 1 month use and starting the 2nd month I have noticed definite increase in sexual desire. I also have greater discharge. I am 47 years old but feel more like in my 20s everyday.


I will shortly be placing my 3rd order with you. Kama Raja has met my expectations. How can I sign up to be an affiliate? I would like to recommend it to my friends.

The Ayurvedic medicine (Kama Raja) is a slow process, but i can feel the recovery. Let me give a try till the medicine lasts.

Thanks once again

Thank You Paul , I do feel better & will talk to you again soon.
Michael C.

Translated Using Google Translate:

Good Night,

We are very pleased to tell you that the REMEDY IS WELL DONE.
My wife is pregnant, and she still has half of the last purchased which she hasn't finished yet.

Thank you and may god bless for all of your stores.

A Big Hug,

Sergio - Sao Paulo, Brazil