How does Kama Raja Work?

Kama Raja's ingredients rejuvenate your sexual health in three major ways:

  • Support Penile Nerve Function
  • Promote Blood Circulation to the Penis
  • Nurture Sexual Stimulus from the Brain

That sounds great, but what does it mean?

In order for erection to occur, the nerves of the penis must be functioning properly, blood circulation to the penis must be adequate, and there must be proper stimulus from the brain. If something interferes with any or all of these conditions, a full erection is not possible.

Kama Raja and Nerve Function

Kama Raja contains extracts from Shatavari, Nutmeg, and Spanish Pellitory. These botanicals are used in India's traditional medicine system to promote healthy nervous system function in male genitalia.

Kama Raja and Blood Circulation

Kama Raja delivers Arginine through Amla and Ginger extracts and Protodiosin through Tribulus extracts. Arginine and Protodiosin support the synthesis and release of nitric oxide (NO) in erectile tissue. This causes relaxation of penile muscles allowing blood to engorge the penis and produce erection.

Kama Raja and Sexual Stimulus

Kama Raja supplies Choline from Ashwagandha extracts and Pantothenic Acid from Tribulus extracts. These phytonutrients are used by the body to produce Acetylcholine - the neurotransmitter that supports sexual response. Tribulus and Chinese Chaste Tree also support Luteinizing Hormone (LH) production. LH acts upon the testicles to promote testosterone production. Testosterone plays a key role in male sexual arousal. At the same time, Ginger and Long Pepper extracts promote thermogenic response in the genitals to make them more sensitive to sexual stimulus.

Are you ready to enjoy thriving libido and vitality? Try Kama Raja today!